How to install PyCharm on Fedora

There is no package/repository for Fedora so we have to download the application from PyCharm website. You can use other options for installing Pycharm, like Fedy, but I don't see the point of it. I can just download PyCharm and unpack it in my home directory, without installing additional software and without using the root account.

Java is installed in Fedora by default (at least for versions 25 and 26) so you don't need to install it.

I like to have all applications not installed by DNF in a single directory. I've created ~/Apps directory to keep PyCharm.

mkdir ~/Apps

Download Pycharm from

Unpack it to the ~/Apps.

[eshlox@eshlox ~]$ cd Apps/
[eshlox@eshlox Apps]$ ls
[eshlox@eshlox Apps]$ tar -xvzf pycharm-professional-2017.1.3.tar.gz
[eshlox@eshlox Apps]$ rm pycharm-professional-2017.1.3.tar.gz
[eshlox@eshlox Apps]$ ls

Run PyCharm from the command line.

[eshlox@eshlox Apps]$ cd pycharm-2017.1.3/
[eshlox@eshlox pycharm-2017.1.3]$ ./bin/

On the initial configuration screen, you can create a desktop entry so you will be able to run PyCharm from the application menu, instead of command line. Just check correct option.

PyCharm - initial configuration

PyCharm is ready to use. Everything works.


As I said, you can now run PyCharm (for example) from Gnome application menu.

PyCharm - Gnome applications