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How to install NPM package in a home directory (PyCharm)

I don't like to install things as a root user. If it's possible to install
something in my home directory, why not use it?

I use PyCharm for programming and for example to validate JavaScript code
it needs http://eslint.org package. Let's install ESLint in home
directory and make it globally accessible.

First, we need to tell NPM that it should install everything in ~/.npm

npm config set prefix '~/.npm'

Now every time when you install NPM package using -g option it will
install it in ~/.npm directory. You don't need the root access to do it.
All executables will be in ~/.npm/bin directory. For example if I install
ESLint using npm install -g eslint command then it will be possible to
run eslint command from terminal using full path:


It's inconvenient, right? It's better to be able to use just eslint
command. To achieve that we need to modify ~/.bash_profile file.
Find in this file line which starts with PATH= and add ~/.npm/bin
at the end of the line. In my ~/.bash_profile file it looks like this:


If the line with PATH doesn't exist then you can add it:


Now you need to apply changes.

source ~/.bash_profile

And it's done. You should be able to run eslint without specifying the full
path to the file.

Quick tip about PyCharm. PyCharm needs a full path to the ESLint directory,
not to ESLint executable file. In settings you need to use
~/.npm/lib/node_modules/eslint path.

PyCharm - ESLint configuration