Perhaps it is time to leave Twitter

Twitter is the only social media site I use daily, but that may soon change.

On Twitter, you can find profiles that provide interesting information, often faster than they appear on the news. Twitter has been declining in quality for some time now, and it may be time to ditch it, just like I have done with other social media sites.

I like Twitter’s initial idea, which was to allow users to share short messages instead of writing long posts, only sharing the important parts. A link to an article can be shared if more text is necessary.

Twitter has been changing year after year.

Message length

What was wrong with 140 characters? A short message. That was a very good idea. You could read a lot of short messages very quickly, read comments, or open a link to an external website if you wanted to know more.

As I write this, it’s already known that the limit will be increased to 4000. FOUR THOUSAND CHARACTERS. It’s not a short tweet anymore. It’s an eleven-meter pterosaur!

If you want to write an article, just create a blog. Twitter is becoming another place where people can write blog posts. I’m not interested in that. That’s not what I use Twitter for.

I want to read short and important messages. That’s what I liked about Twitter.


It’s related to the previous point. People create huge threads. Again, I want to read short messages. When I see that someone creates a thread with more than 5 tweets, I click unfollow. I don’t want to read that on Twitter. Create a blog post and send me a link.

It’s not only an issue of readability. People create threads with 40 or even 100 tweets, and I don’t want to scroll through that. Twitter was not meant for such things.


The retweet feature is not bad, but I don’t want to see the same tweet ten times every day for the next three days. Let me see who likes or retweets it, but don’t show it to me multiple times. Don’t waste my time.

I don’t even want to talk about when people start retweeting something from a thread consisting of 50 tweets.

Please stop.


It’s something I’ve always missed on Twitter. I follow people because of their interesting tweets on a particular subject. Let’s say I follow someone who shares news on health. That’s what I would like to see. I don’t want to see “gm” messages, cat photos, or tweets on any other topic than health. It’s not what I am interested in. I’m sorry, this is not because I don’t like you. It’s because I don’t have time to read all the messages, which are not valuable to me.

It would be great to be able to add a category to every tweet and choose which categories I want to see per account.

Product profiles

I understand it. Everyone wants to have the largest number of followers, so they create accounts on every social platform. The problem is that the content is duplicated across multiple sources. I use RSS when I want to stay up to date with something. I stopped following companies/products that I can subscribe to via RSS because social profiles contain almost the same information and even more unimportant messages to engage the community and collect more followers.

Even when I don’t follow those profiles, I often see the same content because people I follow retweet it.


That’s a huge problem. There are a lot of bots, random accounts, impersonators, and misinformation. Lately, I have the impression that 90% of posts are not worth reading.

People write just to get more followers

It’s not interesting! I wanted to use this platform to get some interesting content, but more and more worthless content is being created here. I feel like it’s a competition to create as many tweets as possible.

Search does not work as expected

I used Twitter search very often, but it no longer produces valuable content. Even when I search for something popular, I see some random posts, and usually, the search does not load more than ~50 tweets. It’s not useful anymore.

Twitter Blue

I have always wanted verification to be available to everyone. I like privacy, but sometimes we need to know who is who. I always thought that Twitter could be that place.

Look at how it works now. There are a lot of random accounts, bots, and anyone can buy the blue badge. It’s not worth it.

I am for freedom of speech, but when someone wants to say something, I would like to know who is saying it, and that person should take full responsibility for it. That’s why I think people should only get the blue badge if they are verified. Of course, it should be real verification, not what we have now.

I understand that some people or organizations may want to stay anonymous. I can still follow them if they create valuable content. However, in most cases, anonymous accounts spread only misinformation, lies, and insults to other people.

Real identity verification could help with this issue and create a more valuable platform.

It is not your content

People spend hours on Twitter creating a lot of content. However, we have to remember that it’s not our content. We can be banned at any time. Our content can violate the regulations and be removed. Twitter may go bankrupt and close down. What happens then? What about our content? What about our followers? Are we ready to lose everything we have on Twitter?


Despite Twitter’s attempts to block bots, I feel like they are still prevalent. There is more and more spam that does not look like it is generated by real people.

Platform for influencers

Quantity over quality seems to be the norm. Focus on generating large amounts of content and gaining followers, regardless of its quality.

You have to be active to be visible

People who write only one post per month, and do so only when they have something important to say, are not visible on Twitter. Such accounts do not count for Twitter. To be visible, you have to tweet consistently, interact with others, and promote yourself.

I do not want to pay for this

Do I want to pay $8/month for reading anonymous misinformation and spam on Twitter? This is not an option.

Twitter has become such a big dump that I will probably stop using it at all in the near future. I don’t see the point in it. I don’t have the time or the health to hang out there.

What instead of Twitter?

There is Mastodon. I think it’s the biggest Twitter rival. I like it more than Twitter, but with more users it can have the same problems.

If you want to share something with the world, create a blog and add an RSS feed. It’s simple. I will add your blog to my RSS reader if it is something that interests me. That’s the best option in my opinion. It’s your content, do with it whatever you want.