November 12, 2018

November 25, 2019

Safari is not so bad!

Some time ago I started services migration from Google to Apple, just to have a better integration since the main devices which I use are MacBook and iPhone. I've been using Chrome browser for 7 years or more and I wanted to try something new.

I tried to use Firefox but after 5 days it turned out that Chrome is better. It's faster, all sites load faster, extensions which I use works better. I expected something better. I don't want to say it's very bad. It's not. It works, it has nice features but still, Chrome works better for me.

I've had MacBook for 7 months and iPhone for 4 months and I realized that I've never given a chance to Safari.

Today it's the 5th day of using Safari and you now what?

  1. It's faster than Chrome and Firefox.
  2. It consumes less memory.
  3. It looks better.
  4. I like the simplicity.
  5. It's better integrated with my system, I like that it automatically fills forms with codes from SMS.
  6. Everything works. I thought that I would have a lot of issues with websites... but not.
  7. Apple Pay works.

The top (2 ;-D) extensions for me are supported and works as good as on Chrome.

Hello Safari, my new favorite browser.

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