December 29, 2017

November 25, 2019

AWS Route53 - configure a simple health check

Recently I had some issue with my blog. I don't know why but Docker container crashed. I didn't know about that so my blog was offline for some time. I've decided that I have to configure health check. I use AWS Route53 and it gives me a simple option to set health check. Let's do that.

Go to AWS Route53 and select Health checks from left menu.

Click Create health check button.

Now you can configure how you want to monitor your application. In my case I just want to know when it can't be loaded so I choose an option to check domain using HTTPS.

You can also set some advanced configuration like request interval, string matching, etc. I don't want to change that, it's enough for my blog.

If configuration is ready, click Next.

On the next screen, we can set notification when the status of the health check changes to unhealthy. It's a must have! Select Create alarm and use existing SNS topic or create a new one.

When you confirm operation it will redirect you to page with list of all health checks.

There is one more action to do. We have to confirm SNS subscription. AWS should send an email with a link, just click on it and the subscription should be confirmed.

After confirmation the list should display health check with green status.

To test a new health check, I took a big risk! I stopped the server!

After a short time, AWS shows Unhealthy status!

I've got also an email.

Great, that's what I wanted!

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