Why stock Android is the best option?

March 30, 2017 - IT

I don't remember the exact date when I used mobile phone with Android system for the first time. I remember that before I had my first Android phone,I had had some phones with other custom systems provided by phone manufacturer. It was certain that my first Android phone was better than the previous phones and I have decided that I never want to use different system, Android is great!

I've had a lot of phones with Android system. Each one of them except for the one I’m using now has had manufacturer or mobile company modified system. The older phones had three main issues in my opinion. First issue, modified Android system. It always annoyed me that I had a lot of useless applications on my phone. Some of these applications could be disabled but it was not a solution for me because they were still taking up disk space. Second issue, modified Android system. The time period between automatic updates was too long, leaving my phone 2-3 version of the system behind the latest system. I remember that sometimes Google Play (originally the Android Market if I remember correctly) would display messages for some time like "This application is not supported on your Android system version." Third issue, hardware. It was a time when mobile phones were changing very quickly. More RAM, better CPU, GPU, display type, camera, etc. I would read articles about new phones very often and just as often I wanted to change my phone for a better one.

Some time ago (about 2-3 years) mobile phones became powerful enough for my needs. I would still follow news about new phones but the desire for change was not as strong as in the previous years. I didn't need better CPU and more RAM because everything worked correctly. I didn't need a better camera because I mean, it’s a phone, photo quality was good enough for me. There was one issue though. Modified Android system. Still the same problem. I wanted to have a secure software updated to the latest version, one update per year is a tragedy. The solution was to update Android manually. It wasn't very hard but sometimes it was not easy to find working version of Android system and I didn't have time to play with updates. It sill was not perfect, custom ROMs weren't issued quickly enough. This made it possible to have a newer Android version before the automatic update (and without additional software) but still it was not as fast as new versions of pure Android from Google. I understand that people needs some time to create custom ROM and test everything. I admire that they want to work on that but it doesn't work for me. I need a phone, I don't have time for searching, updating and fixing bugs.

At the beginning of 2016 I have decided to buy Nexus 6P. Modified Android system Never again! It's the best phone I have ever had. Everything works properly, I have no issues. Let me explain why it's so cool.

Android system
Android system

Hardware. I don't play games on my phone. I use my phone mostly for reading news, chatting, video calls, youtube, music, banking. I use it very often. Hardware in Nexus 6P is sufficient, I have no idea when I will need something better. Everything works very fast, camera takes great quality pictures (it's a phone!). I have no problems.

Android system. Pure Android is very fast and it's a pleasure to use it. Finally I can have only the software that I need and I can install anything I want without any issues.

Updates. Security updates appear every month. As a programmer I know how important it is - it's a must have for me. If Google releases a new Android version, the update is ready to install much faster than custom versions from other companies. All I have to do is click install, wait some time and it's ready! I prefer having an older/slower phone but with the latest and secure software.

Support. My Nexus 6P will be supported for 3 years (at least?). It will getting all system and security updates for two years, third year will just be for security patches. It's not bad. I can live with older Android version as long as it is secure.

When will I buy a new phone? Not any time soon. I will change my phone only if Google drop support for it or some important applications stop working. Ok, if I break my phone or battery life stops being enough then I will need to buy a new one ;-)

Why not iPhone? I like the Google ecosystem. I use a lot of applications from Google. I have no issues with them so why should I change anything?

Will I ever buy any other phone that Nexus/Pixel? Maybe. It all depends on Android system delivered with the phone. Changes in the mobile industry are not predictable. As I wrote earlier I don't need a better hardware. OK, if it's possible to have a better phone then why not but it's not a must have. My current phone meets my expectations. The only thing which stopping me from buying other phone than Nexus/Pixel is modified version of Android. I don't have a problem with some custom modifications like adding drivers or software which makes a phone faster, better and more usable. I want to have the newest Android system and security updates as fast as possible. Once or twice per year is not enough. I don't want to have applications which can't be removed. If some company released a mobile phone with stock Android and with frequent updates then I might think about that ;-)

What about you? What is your opinion?