Fedora 25 - best distro ever!

November 21, 2016 - IT

Every time when I was trying to use Fedora on my laptop I had two main issues:

  1. Time on battery was worse than on Ubuntu.
  2. It was easier to install NVIDIA drivers on Ubuntu, despite attempts I was not able to run graphical environment on Fedora with NVIDIA drivers.

A few days ago I've decided to try Fedora 25 (Beta).

Why Fedora? For me there are only two Linux distributions that I can use on desktop. Ubuntu and Fedora. Why? Because I don't have time for configuration and fixing bugs. The time when I was using Gentoo because it was fun is over. I need something to work, something which is stable and has a good community. I always liked the way Fedora works but the two issues mentioned above caused that I was using Ubuntu

Times has changed.

Fedora 25 - Logo
Fedora 25 - Logo

Starting from beginning, I feel like the Fedora installation time is shorter than Ubuntu. No issues with installation.

Gnome. Huh, it looks very good! Really. Now it's my fifth day with Gnome and I feel like it is more comfortable than Unity. I like how it works and how it looks.

I can't compare that because I don't have Ubuntu now but I feel like Fedora boots faster. But I can't confirm that.

Fedora 25 uses Wayland. I'm not sure if that's the cause but I feel like everything works faster than on Ubuntu (programs startups for example).

My dedicated NVIDIA graphics card works! Finally! I didn't have time to do some benchmarks but even if it's not ideal, it's a big step. This is my third laptop with Optimus (Intel + NVIDIA) and first time when it works out of the box!

Fedora 25 - Dedicated Graphics Card
Fedora 25 - Dedicated Graphics Card

I have 13'3 display with 1920x1080 resolution. It's not good for my eyes so I'm using 1600x900. It seems that Gnome looks better than Unity with that resolution. Unity looks blurry.

On Ubuntu when I wanted to install my printer drivers I had to go to the printers settings, find my printer... and then the installator hang. I had to find drivers on manufacturer website and install them. How does it work on Fedora 25? I've plugged in usb cable and wanted to search drivers and then notification message showed up with something like "Adding printer", I had to provide my password... and after about 10 seconds my printer was ready to use! It's even better and faster than on Windows!

I like that NodeJS v6, Docker and docker-compose are in the default repository and I don't need to add third parties repositories.

I like that Java (Oracle) is installed in the system. I'm using PyCharm and I need Java. I know, it's not hard to install Java but it's one less step for me to configure environment.

Flatpak! It's not ideal (because of small amount of supported applications) but I like the idea. I've installed Spotify via Flatpak in my user home directory (no root!) and it works correctly!

I like that the system does not have so many applications installed by default. I don't like it when after installation I have a lot of unnecessary software. Ubuntu has a lot more!

I like the Gnome calendar which is expanded from top bar, much better and more readable than this from Unity!

I like that I can easily change screen brightness from top bar.

USB modem. On Ubuntu it didn't work out of the box. I needed to find a solution, change something in settings, run some commands. Fedora? About 10 seconds after plugging in it was working! Even the page with captcha (free Internet) was opened automatically!

I like that I can connect my Google account with Gnome. I know, it's also possible in Ubuntu but... it's the first time when I saw that I could explore (read, save, etc) my Google Drive file in files manager. I have a lot of files and at the moment the functionality is very slow (it takes some time to display list of files or open a file) but it's very nice to see that it works! I like also how the Gnome notifications displays my (multiple) calendar entries (tasks, meetings, etc.).

I like Ubuntu, very much. I know that they did a lot of good things for Linux. Sometimes I don't understand their choices. Ubuntu is based on Debian, Unity is based on Gnome, instead of Wayland they want to create Mir, instead of Flatpak they created Snappy. But it's not the case. It's time for changes so... bye bye Ubuntu. Welcome Fedora! I hope that it's only a start of good changes! ;-)

Fedora 25 - Battery
Fedora 25 - Battery