January 5, 2015

November 25, 2019

Spotify vs Google Music

I don't remember when i started using Spotify but some time ago i decided to try Google Music. I've used it for one month. It is my short comparison - just advantages because both services are very similar.

Google Music
  • music divided into types
  • it is possible to upload 20000 of own music files
  • it has more music which i listen to, i couldn't find all music from Spotify
  • more options
  • family sharing
  • desktop application
  • integration (out of the box) with last.fm
  • using Google Music i had to wait 1-2 second before music was started (buffer), Spotify plays music immediately
  • i can see music listened by my friends
  • i can share playlist with my friends
  • Spotify more often suggests new music
  • in my opinion - Spotify has better algorithm for showing similar music

Spotify wins.

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