Google App Engine - MapReduce - Selecting a queue

October 12, 2013 - IT

Some time ago I needed to run a big task on GAE putting it in a queue with some special settings. The best option was to write mapreduce job for it butdocumentation did not mention anything about possibility to select queue for given mapreduce. After some time i founded that it is possible! Just as always, documentation is not complete.. But OK, to have a possibility to select a queue just use name: queue_name. For example:

- name: Some awesome task
    input_reader: mapreduce.input_readers.DatastoreInputReader
    handler: app1.my_task
    - name: entity_kind
      default: app1.models.World
    - name: namespace
      default: my_namespace
    - name: queue_name
      default: "backups"

That's all. Maybe it will help someone.