September 4, 2012

November 25, 2019


This is my first public repository. This application was created for the project which I am developing in the company where I currently work. It pressents different approach to manage files. It would be the best to show you how it works.

Instalation and configuration is described at

Django file manager. Features:

  • adding files with own title (which will be the name of file), description and tags
  • tags with autocompletion
  • specify file types that can be uploaded (based on MimeType)
  • grouping file types
  • edition, files are overwritten with the same name
  • search by tags and group of files (jquery, search results change automatically when you enter tags and selecting groups of files + pagination)
  • ability to generate different sizes of image files
  • for each file: preview title, comment, tags, thumbnails, buttons: download, copy url to clipboard (require flash), select (currently works only with CKEditor)
  • delete files ( immediately remove thumbnails, unused tags and mimetypes)
  • built-in permissions (add, change, delete, view)
  • locales: EN, PL

After installation I set the permissions for users. I specify who can add files, delete, modify and view.

By default, the application can be found at /filetags/.

This is the first screen.

I click Add file. I can enter a title, select the file, type tags and comment. I use autocomplete for tags.

I add a file.

This is a preview file page. It shows the title, the comment, tags, file type, action buttons and images. First image have originally size but is adjusted to frame. Below are shown thumbnails which sizes are set in settings.

Under each photo there are buttons to download file and copy link to the clipboard. When I upload another type file then the view will be the same, but without images.

Of course I can change pictures. Important thing. After changing, the file has the same name as before. What it gives me? If someone changes the file to a newer version then he overwrites it in all the articles in which it is inserted.

I can delete files.

If the files are deleted or changed, unused tags, files and their thumbnails will automatically be removed.

Search. I type in a form field tags, and the script will automatically search for files and displays them with the help of jquery.

I can select type of searched files.

When I click on the searched file, I will be moved to the information page presented above.

How well does it work?

Best to check yourself. I use this at work and on my own blog. Fast search, users do not have to worry about the location of the files.

Definitely a lot of the code is to improve, a lot of new ideas to implement but I think that everything can be achieved.

What do you think about it?

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