Javascript, nginx and - help for search crawlers to render single page applications

Some time ago i've wrote a note about single page application vs server side rendering. I've mentioned about nginx and I've used »

Short story about rendering HTML, client side vs server side

A long time ago i have stared working on website. It was to be just another site with funny images related to IT. »

AngularJS - Single Page Application and lazy loading images

On one of my sites i wanted to use jquery lazy load script. bower install jquery.lazyload --save I have spent some time on trying to »

A simple information about cookies (EU cookies law)

So simple that no comments. Requirements: jQuery Html. <div class="cookie_law_omfg"> Eat our cookies or leave. < »

Simple spam protection for email addresses using jQuery

I wrote this short code for my blog. Go to the contact section to see how it works. $('').click(function() { var value = $(this).attr( »

File input. Zastąpienie go własnym elementem za pomocą jquery

Dziś potrzebowałem zastąpić średnio wyglądający standardowy file input. Po nie całkiem udanych próbach z użyciem css postanowiłem sięgnąć po jquery. Tutaj obyło się bez problemów. Poniżej »