PEKA czyli jak zapłacić karę za doładowanie biletu na czas

Jak Wam się podoba działanie kart PEKA? Ja do dziś nie miałem zastrzeżeń. Jako wprowadzenie napiszę, że używam karty PEKA prawdopodobnie od ponad dwóch lat. Podoba »

Ghost (blogging platform) on Fedora (21)

About two weeks ago I switched my blog to Ghost. Previously i used Pelican but Ghost is easier for me and has better themes ;-) I »

Google App Engine - prevent of tasks duplication in the queues

This is a second part of how we solved issues with huge number of queues on Google App Engine. I recommend to start from first part »

Google App Engine - Get the least loaded queue

Some time ago we had a problem with a huge number of tasks in the queues. Look at this ;-) The first value is a creation »

Ferris 2 (Google App Engine), JSON Web Token and CORS

When I started working on my new project I decided to use Google App Engine and Ferris 2. Since App Engine had to be used only »

Google App Engine: ImportError: No module named _ssl

I wanted to use Mandrill python client in my App Engine application. After importing it i've got an error: ImportError: No module named _ssl I've found »

Google App Engine: ImportError: No module named google.appengine.dist27.threading

Short note to remember that because it happened to me for the second time (and not only me ;-)). I just wanted to quickly deploy application »

Nodeenv and error code 127

Just to member. Recently i wanted to use nodeenv on Fedora. During environment creation i've got: nodeenv -p *** OSError: Command curl --silent -L »

NDB equivalent for db.class_for_kind

During DB to NDB migration on Google App Engine i've got stuck on the problem how to replace db.class_for_kind method. After some research »

How to install Skype on Fedora (21) and resolve no sound problem

Installation is simple. First, add a rpmfusion. As it is described here you can just put this one line in the terminal: su -c 'yum localinstall »